Dec-2013 Due to a computercrash and loss of all our data, we haven't been able to update our site for a long time. As off today everything is has been fixed and updated :-)
08-Apr-2012 New pictures P-litter and Q-litter
24-Dec-2011 New kittenpictures (P-litter & Q-litter)
19-Dec-2011 Fio(rucci) got his 3th CAC at Groningen, he is now a CHAMPION :-))
17-Dec-2011 Updated kittensavailablepage
05-Dec-2011 New pictures of Maelle (M-litter)
17-Oct-2011 New pictures P-litter
01-Oct-2011 Lots of new pictures of the P-litter and Q-litter
17-Aug-2011 Updated kittensexpectedpage
17-Aug-2011 Added Flanna's litter (Q-litter)
13-Aug-2011 Flanna's babies are born :-) More news coming up soon....
10-Aug-2011 Added new pictures of Maelle (M-litter)
09-Aug-2011 Added first pictures of our P-litter
09-Aug-2011 Added litter of Daisy & Xavi to kittensavailablepage
29-Jul-2011 Daisy has given birth to 4 beautiful girls :-) More news coming up soon....
26-Jul-2011 Updated the kittensexpectedpage
16-Jul-2011 Added new pictures of Major to the M-litter page This beautiful guy is available :-)
21-Jun-2011 Added beautiful picture of Cyrène C'est le Rêve! to the Gallery. Thanks Melanie
18-May-2011 Updated kittensexpected page
16-May-2011 New pictures of La Donna C'est le Rêve! at the Gallery. Thanks Annelise :-)
10-May-2011Added kittenpictures O-litter
25-Mar-2011 Updated kittensavailablepage
23-Jan-2011 Added kittenpictures M-litter and N-litter
15-Jan-2011 Updated kittensexpectedpage
27-Nov-2010 Added lots of new pictures of the L-, M- and N-litter
15-Nov-2010 Added Flanna and Fae to the queenspage.
14-Nov-2010 Updated kittensavailablepage, added first kittenpictures N-litter.
08-Nov-2010 Added new pictures of Maite (M-litter)
02-Nov-2010 Updated kittensavailablepage.
16-Oct-2010 Added new pictures of the M-litter and updated kittensexpectedpage and kittensavailablepage.
03-Oct-2010 Added a lot of new kittenpictures of the L-litter
18-Sep-2010 Added new kittenpictures L-litter, added first kittenpictures M-litter
15-Sep-2010 Updated kittensavailablepage
10-Sep-2010 Updated kittensavailablepage, updated kittensexpectedpage.
09-Sep-2010 Added kittenpictures L-litter
13-Jul-2010 Updated kittensavailablepage, updated kittensexpectedpage.
25-Jun-2010 Updated kittensexpectedpage
24-Apr-2010 Updated kittensavailablepage
24-Apr-2010 Added new pictures of Ilya C'est le Rêve! to the gallery
02-Apr-2010 New picture of Daisy at her page
02-Apr-2010 Updated kittensexpectedpage
02-Apr-2010 Added our new swedish male S*White Treasure's Fiorucci to our males-page
19-Jan-2010 Finally able to update the website again :-) We didn't have internet for several weeks, due to KPN :-((
19-Jan-2010 Updated kittensavailablepage, our sweet Ilya found a very nice new home
15-Dec-2009 Showresults Groningen in newsblock, updated kittensavailablepage
13-Nov-2009 Added new kittenpictures I-litter and K-litter
13-Nov-2009 Updated kittensavailablepage
21-Oct-2009 Our gorgeous new and very sweet male has arrived :-)
20-Oct-2009 Updated kittensavailablepage
19-Oct-2009 Updated Amara's page, Amara is now a champion :-)
04-Oct-2009 New pictures of Kerwyn (K-litter)
30-Sep-2009 Updated planningspage, added new pictures of Erianthe and Dianthia to their pages
26-Sep-2009 Updated kittensavailablepage, added new kittenpictures I-litter
09-Sep-2009 Added new kittenpictures K-litter
13-Aug-2009 Added new kittenpictures I-litter
04-Aug-2009 Added new kittenpictures I-,J- and K-litter, added new pictures at the gallery
22-Jul-2009 Updated kittensavailablepage
20-Jul-2009 Added kittenpictures I- J- and K-litter
13-Jul-2009 Updated kittensavailablepage
10-Jul-2009 Today Aimée has given birth to 5 big and beautiful babies, 1 daughter and 4 sons!
04-Jul-2009 Updated the bloodgroups of our youngsters Daisy, Gaël and Dianthia
01-Jul-2009 Updated kittensavailable, -expected and -planningpage
21-Jun-2009 There are babies born!!!
05-Jun-2009 Updated kittensexpectedpage
18-Apr-2009 Added new pictures of Xavi
18-Apr-2009 Updated kittensexpectedpage and planningspage
13-Apr-2009 Added Dianthia and Erianthe to the queenspage
13-Apr-2009 Added new pictures of Laica
13-Apr-2009 Added Xavi and Gaël to the studpage
13-Apr-2009 Added new pictures of Spitfire
12-Apr-2009 Added new pictures of Amara
12-Apr-2009 Added Daisy to the queenspage
10-Feb-2009 Updated kittensexpectedpage
03-Feb-2009 Kittenplanning 2009 online
27-Jan-2009 New frontpage and new pictures H-litter
26-Jan-2009 Added a lot of new pictures to the gallery
29-Dec-2008 Updated kittensavailablepage, added Happy New Year frontpage
15-Nov-2008 Updated kittensavailablepage
15-Nov-2008 Updated planningspage
14-Nov-2008 Updated kittensavailablepage
28-Oct-2008 Updated link page
26-Sep-2008 New pictures F- and G-litter
19-Sep-2008 New pictures E-litter
14-Sep-2008 New kittenpictures F and G litter online
13-Sep-2008 Updated kittensavailablepage
13-Sep-2008 Updated In-Memoriampage
29-Jul-2008 Added new link
29-Jul-2008 Updated newsblock and kittens available page
13-Jul-2008 New kittenpictures added
10-Jul-2008 Updated kittensavailablepage
25-Jun-2008 Updated planning- and kittensexpectedpage
25-Jun-2008 New kittenpictures
03-Jun-2008 Added new link
03-Jun-2008 Updated kittensavailablepage
26-Apr-2008 New kittenpictures D-litter
26-Apr-2008 New kittenpictures C-litter and E-litter
25-Apr-2008 Updated kittensavailablepage
23-Apr-2008 New kittenpictures litter Amara & Orion
22-Apr-2008 Updated kittensavailablepage
18-Apr-2008 The kittens of Amara and Orion are born!
26-Mar-2008 New pictures of Adali Amara and Amira Aimée on their pages
25-Mar-2008 Updated kittensexpected page
21-Mar-2008 Created new Gallerypage with new pictures of Belle Belize, Aegidius Akio and Beau Damian
10-Mar-2008 Removed link to Cattery Donkersnoet
10-Mar-2008 Updated kittens expected page
17-Feb-2008 New pictures of Ushi van Leosancta (at her page)
17-Feb-2008 Updated kittens expected page
09-Jan-2008 Added new pictures of Orion
23-Dec-2007 Updated kittens available page
30-Nov-2007 Adjusted kittens available page
14-Nov-2007 Added new pictures of our chocolatetortiepoint queen Aimée
14-Nov-2007 Added new pictures of our redpoint queen Satine
13-Nov-2007 Added new kittenpictures / updated kittens-available-page
18-Oct-2007 New kittenpictures / updated kittens-available-page
18-Sep-2007 Finally, after a lot of computerproblems, NEW KITTENPICTURES!!!
23-Aug-2007 Added new pictures of Amira Aimée C'est le Rêve!
20-Aug-2007 Added new pictures of Adali Amara C'est le Rêve!
20-Aug-2007 Added new kittenpictures B-litter
11-Aug-2007 Updated kittens available page
11-Aug-2007 Updated queens page
11-Aug-2007 Added kittenpictues
03-Aug-2007 Updated kittens available page
18-Jul-2007 Adjusted kittens expected page
19-Jun-2007 Adjusted queenspage
19-Jun-2007 Added new pages for Amara and Aimée
19-Jun-2007 Adjusted kittens expected page
19-Jun-2007 Adjusted kittens available page
25-May-2007 Plans have changed!
09-May-2007 Updated page kittens available
27-Apr-2007 Added new kittenpictures
16-Apr-2007 New link added

16-Apr-2007 Changed layout kittens available page

16-Apr-2007 Created a new kittenpicturepage and added new kittenpictures
06-Apr-2007 Updated page kittens available
31-Mar-2007 Kittenpictures added
28-Mar-2007 Placed a few new links
16-Mar-2007 Put the english part of the website online
15-Mar-2007 Put the dutch part of the website online