We are a small, but serious cattery in the northern part of the region Groningen, "het Hogeland". We breed for health, character and beauty and are a member of Felikat (FIFe) and the Rasvereniging Heilige Birmanen.




Quite a few years ago (approx. 15) I came under the spell of the Sacred Birman. A friend of mine had three of them, a blue-, a chocolate- and a redpoint. Never before had I seen such beautiful but most of all sweet, affectionate cuddly cats and those blue eyes......to drown in só beautifull! From that moment on I was determinated to one day own my own Sacred Birman.
Unfortunately at that time I lived in a densely populated area, in a house without a garden, so I didn't think that was a suitable place to keep them.
When I later on went to live out in the country, in the region Groningen, for me it became certain that I could make my dream come true, my own Sacred Birman Cattery. In 2005 it was finally happening, after the necessary preparations

Cattery C'est le Rêve! arose.

C'est le Rêve!, literally "it's the dream ", my dream that came true!
Also "C'est le Rêve!" is a french exclamation for something extraordinary, the translation is "there isn't anything better!" Well, who doesn't think his own cat is the best, sweetest, greatest etc. Therefor I thought this would be a very suitable "familyname" to give to our future kittens.